Dear Parents, Teachers, and Administrators:

As a representative of Rainbo Skate Center, I am approaching you with a promising opportunity to receive donations for your students; an opportunity that I am confident will appeal to your students on a level much greater than existing methods, and one that my company has not only had great success with, but one that we have been awarded and revered for.  As I am told that fewer local businesses are able to contribute to area schools, we are anxious and honored to help the future of our community.

What we do is very simple and will require very little effort from you more than enthusiasm and the desire to help your school and its programs and students.   We will host a skating event, or a series of periodic events, if you choose, for your school and the surrounding community.  There will be a charge of $4 for each admission, and basic skate rental will be offered free of charge.  Half of these proceeds can be donated to your school to use however you deem fit.  All that is required of you is to promote each event to your students and their parents, and we’ll do the rest! 

My staff and I are hoping to promote an opportunity for local schools to safely raise money that will not only promote family unity and physical fitness, but an opportunity that is exciting and fun for children, as well.  We have also become sadly aware of more and more important programming being cut due to budgeting.  I hope that this has not become problematic for you, but I believe that our facility can benefit this type of dilemma, as well.  We feel strongly about supporting the future of our community, and we realize the importance of the roles that parents, teachers, and administrators play in building this future.  I am excited to aid your efforts to mold the children of this community into the wonderful men and women they will surely become, and I feel it is my duty to do whatever possible to fulfill my obligations to them.  I am available to discuss this opportunity with you at any time, and we still have plenty of dates available to schedule your next roller skating event.  Thank you so very much for your time and attention.


Sandie Huffine